Gap Report - Outline and Benefits

Why we developed this service

When we prepare your accounts, we see some of the opportunities that exist for you and your business. We’d like to prioritise documenting some of these opportunities so we can help you run your business more efficiently.

Our Gap Report demonstrates the gap between where your key numbers are now and where they could be. It also details some simple strategies that will have a material impact on your cash position and profit, which will ultimately support mind, time, and financial freedom.

Who should use this service?

Every business owner should regularly spend time unpacking the opportunities that exist for them to operate smarter. Whether you're looking to grow your business or free up time to spend outside of it, this report takes the 'hard' out of gaining perspective and gives you clear direction to support effective planning and goal setting. We believe that all our business clients deserve to understand the insights provided by this report and have made it affordable for everyone.

What is involved?

We'll likely send you pre-work to ensure we have the data we need and to get clear on your priorities for the year. This should be relatively painless. Then, we'll create the report, detailing strategies you can implement and the impact each strategy will have on your profit and cash position.

When should I have this meeting?

Ideally, we'll prepare your Value Gap Analysis Report annually after we've drafted your Annual Accounts. That said, we can prepare a report for you at any time, and we recommend we prepare the report for you as soon as we can. The sooner you've identified improvement opportunities and strategies, the sooner you'll see results. We highly recommend that all business clients receive our Value Gap Analysis Report each year. The report focuses on the strategies we believe will have a true impact on your business (and therefore personal life), and these opportunities are likely to shift year on year.

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Benefits of our Gap Report