Value Based Selling - Outline and Benefits

Why we developed this service

Our clients are good at what they do – delivering a product or service to their clients or customers.  However, most business owners have never received any formal sales training.  In a world of rapid change, tighter margins, and greater competition due to digital marketing, it’s essential that business owners dedicate time and energy to obtaining their share of the market.

Our Value Based Selling service provides valuable sales learnings and advice to help you streamline your sales process, boost the performance of your sales team and significantly improve your results.

Who would benefit from this service?

What is involved?

You’ll attend an initial meeting with us, starting with a Successful Selling presentation.  We’ll then review your current sales process and set some sales actions to achieve before the next coaching session.

During the ongoing coaching phase, you’ll gain understanding of

We’ll meet with you on a monthly basis to support and coach you using our specialist resources and templates, until you’re comfortable articulating and selling your value and are achieving improved results.  We’ll then leave you with our Guide to Value Based Selling to reinforce your learnings as you continue.

When should I begin Value Based Selling?

Any time is a great time to significantly increase your sales conversion rate.

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Benefits of Value Based Selling