Monthly Coaching

Why we developed this service

We appreciate that owning your own business is hard work; the purpose of Monthly Coaching is to provide you with accountability and support with planning and decision making to ensure progress.  We’ll help you overcome roadblocks and challenges in your business, working in synergy to utilise our combined expertise.
Who should attend?

If you’re passionate about your business performance and want to achieve your goals, then we recommend this service to you.  Monthly Coaching allows you to dedicate time to making better business decisions with the support and knowledge of your coach.  We will hold you accountable for your actions to ensure that you feel supported and enabled to reach your targets.

What is involved?

This coaching programme consists of monthly meetings with a senior team member as well as phone and email support.  The purpose of each meeting is to review your actual results and clarify areas where you can improve your business performance and overcome obstacles. As a result of each meeting, you will receive minutes and an updated action list to keep you on track to achieve your goals.  You'll have access to our expertise and resources to enable you to implement best business practice. 

When should I begin Monthly Coaching?

Ideally, Monthly Coaching takes place once you have completed a Business Plan, so it becomes the guide against which all operational and personal decisions are made.  However, the Monthly Coaching programme may also be used as a vehicle and guide to work through major changes in your business circumstances or to help you implement a Strategic or Succession Plan.

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Benefits of Monthly Coaching